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Cjnv in collabaration with Verilin


Cjnv presents a triptych on insomnia.

Three different ways of experiencing sleepless nights: a romantic insomnia, an existential insomnia and an annihilating insomnia. Three designs of bed linen interacting with the (non-) sleepers’ senses. Each set of linen translates sleeplessness in a tangible and minimalistic way.

‘A triptych on insomnia’ utilises the richness of thoughts on insomnia from philosophy and literature. Cjnv were intrigued by the phenomena of insomnia. How does an altered perception affects the relation between sleeplessness and the sleeping environment? How can the relation between sleeplessness and the surroundig trigger an altered perception.

A fresh look at the various aspects of insomnia has lead cjnv to encourage a (philosophical) dialogue between insomniacs and their chronic sleeplessness through a more appropriate design of bedroom linen.

To realize this project cjnv collaborated with Verilin, a belgian linen manufacturing company, producing high quality goods and always looking for innovation in their field.



a romantic insomnia


“There is no use of a sleeping man, as there is not of a dead man. ... but whoever of us is most solicitous for living the true life, and for entertaining noble sentiments, will keep awake for as long time as possible.”

Clement of Alexandria



an existential insomnia


“But it’s a night without slumber or moon or stars, a night as if all had been turned inside out – in nity internalized and ready to burst, and the day converted into the black lining of an unfamiliar suit.”

Fernando Pessoa


an annihilating insomnia


“In the night, insomnia is discussion, not the work of arguments bumping against other arguments, but the extreme shuddering of no thoughts, percussive stillness.”

Emil Cioran


cjnv consists of Nel Verbeke & Charlotte Jonckheer

photography by Alexander Popelier