For Souffle, a haptic, hand-knotted rug,

Charlotte approached soil from a different angle and focused on the external elements which constantly transform earth’s surfaces. More specifically she aims to represent the impact of the wind; how it sometimes tenderly, other times with brutal violence disrupts what it meets on its path.

How it, both temporarily and permanently, within years, centuries or even seconds, rearranges the sceneries that surround us. When observing a landscape, it’s often captivating to imagine how the force of the wind was the source for its outlook.


However, Souffle is most of all inspired by gentle effects of the wind, even if it needs ages before these effects become visible.

Charlotte focused on how the wind reorganizes the sand of dunes, how it makes grasses and cane dance and a cornfield ripple. She remembered how it, gradually, leaves marks on stones and (re-)defines rock formations through centuries of erosion. She then translated its nuances and its beauty into a unique textile landscape, composed of bamboo silk and linen, drawing lines which could be the wind’s conclusion.


Each rug is handknotted (155.000 knots/ m2)  by Ateliers Serge Lesage.

Materials consist of 50% Handspun Linen and 50% Handspun Bamboo Silk

Size: 200/ 250cm (pictured here) - alternate sizes  on request


Images by Eline Willaert

Words by Jonas Lescrauwaet


Pictures taken at Renovatie Zeebrugge by Cuypers&Q  Architects