is a nature inspired rug, designed for pacing up and down. To be explored barefoot.


‘La salle des pas perdus’ literally translates into the hall of lost steps. The expression traditionally refers to the large hall in courthouses where people wait for their trial or verdict; nowadays it is also used for public waiting rooms. Similarly, this carpet invites people to pace up and down while they wait, make phone calls, think or worry.


Horsehair, wool, cotton and chenille in various lengths and patterns create a tactile surface that prickles the senses – especially when you take off your shoes. The black surface does not reveal its variety at first sight, but rather adds an element of surprise to the experience.


The rug is hand tufted and developed at the Textiel Museum Tilburg and the horsehair is bundled at the Handweverij Tilburg with much care and attention. The jacquard weaving is done with great precision at EE labels.


Images by Valeriane Lazard