Gesture 1


Within the unconstrained ease of an everyday gesture a poetic quality may be concealed. Imagine, for instance, a still darkened room in which a hand gently moves towards the curtain. Envision how that hand slowly pushes the textile aside, allowing the daylight behind it to gradually seep in. Now see how the light at first takes the form of a stripe, condensed and intense, but soon expands and spreads, eventually fills the entire room. A situation which, determined by the serene interplay between movement and circumstances, was above all the inspiration from which Charlotte Jonckheer conceived this creation. A luminous object that only reveals its full qualities when it is operated; in interaction with the user and the environment. A lamp which is more than just a lamp, turns out to be an instrument that, beyond its function, aims at the emotional capacity of a space.


Inside a solid and opaque entity of sculpted Belgian bluestone, lined with aluminium, a light well is installed, dormant and available. However, that light only becomes visible when the embedded and reflective stick is withdrawn. A required action which, furthermore, determines the intensity of the light and, as such, radically unites the subject and the object.


Edition: 12 + 2AP + 1 PT

Materials: Belgian bluestone, aluminium, LED

Size: 50 cm x 150 cm (light off)


Images by Charlotte Jonckheer

Video by Leander Coorevits