Part of a duo study in mass of the Chaud Paper Composite


Element 1 and 2 are results of a comprehensive research into materiality, mass and density, specifically applied to a self-developed stone-like paper composite and its distinctive qualities. Thereby, the two individual designs – a stool and a side table – both represent different findings and possibilities in relation to form, structures and aesthetics. The stool’s delicate beams of its seating surface, the open but massive supporting structure of the side table and the elegancy of its top, ... together they encompass the generous applicability and beauty of the material, defined by its endlessly attainable variations in denseness and forms, further emphasised by its unique interaction with light and shadow.


Materials: Chaud Paper Composite

Sizes: element 1: 60 × 30 × 36 cm element 2: 38 × 46 × 36 cm


Images by Eline Willaert

Pictures taken at Renovatie Zeebrugge by Quypers&Q Architects

img by Eline Willaert - in situ overview image BRUT edition 2 - BODEM - Milan 2019

scenography by BRUT collective