In the Affix Console, Charlotte Jonckheer combines materials that, on sight, resemble but are in essence significantly different; introducing a juxtaposition which behaves otherwise through observation than through touch. It should therefore come as no surprise that at the origin of this design a research into materials is to be found, a consideration of resources that reaches beyond a purely aesthetic or even functional analysis.

The upright (supporting) structure - articulated through two separate, pillar-shaped columns alluding to a classicist idiom - is made of Chaud Paper Composite. A unique mixture of mainly surplus paper and stone dust. Yet as much as this material approximates the appearance of a stone, it offers possibilities that no stone could achieve. For one, the composite is light and flexible, and before being pressed and dried, allows to take on any shape imaginable. Furthermore, when thoughtfully designed, it is more than strong enough to carry the heavy but beautiful French Nozay limestone. Thus, allowing an encounter that creates an interplay between the ambient light and the subtle differences in textures, between massiveness and delicacy, stubbornness and flexibility and where one part feels cool and the other warm.


The Affix Console features three different parts - the tablet and two separate Pillars - which are also available separately. More information and bespoke solutions on request.


Materials: Chaud Paper Composite, Nozay Limestone

Special thanks to Hullebusch