Independent Design Festival

Curated by Annalisa Rosso

3 - 6 November 2016

Palazzo Cisterna Turino, Italy



"Our tomorrow depends on what we build today, there is no doubt about that. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, explained it categorically during the conference for the opening of IP EXPO Europe 2014 in London: “We have to remember that the future is something we build. Nothing will happen if we just wait”.... Designing the future reflects on the consequences of design. The 2016 edition of the independent design festival Operae uses the present tense to talk about the skills and the courage that are necessary to design the future."















Design Academy Eindhoven and Van Abbemuseum

During Dutch Design Week 2016

8 October - 6 November 2016

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven Netherlands


"The blue tap is cold, the red one hot. Orange invokes feelings of excitement. And yellow draws attention to shop windows. Everybody relates to colours, often even emotionally, but how this works no one knows. This instills chromo-phobia in designers: the fear of colours which is suppressed by rules, fashion and style.


The digital revolution has changed everything. For centuries colour was thought of in terms of light falling onto an object and being reflected to a greater or lesser extent. Total reflection results in white, absolute absorption in black. But the screens that are ever present nowadays aren’t objects reflecting light. They radiate light themselves. The source of colour has changed and with it its appearance.


During his teaching career at the Design Academy Eindhoven artist Mathieu Meijers developed a concept that enables us to recalibrate our understanding of colour. The artworks and design objects in Broken White embody this.


On the one hand we have the light, reflective objects that appeal to eminent emotions, inform our identity and inspire systems, sometimes even dangerously so. On the other hand we have objects in dark, absorbent colours that invoke feelings of security, but also fear, that represent earthiness and intuition. Thanks to new technologies and materials the appearance of colours changes and so does their meaning.


Broken White shows how designers and artists deal with this and how the latter help shape that meaning."


Image by Peter Cox, Eindhoven
















9 - 25 September 2016

Diest, Belgium


Occasionele Ontmoetingen gelooft in de kracht van de kruisbestuiving van meerdere disciplines en brengt kunstenaars, designers en vormgevers samen.


Image by German Berckmans













Oktober 2016

TEXTURE, Kortrijk, Belgium

During Biennale INTERIEUR











DAE Milan exhibition 2016

12-17 April 2016

Curator: Ilse Crawford & Thomas Widdershoven


"In a world where our sense of touch is numbed and even unwantedly sexualized, Design Academy Eindhoven reconnects with tactility to present Touch Base, an exhibition curated by Ilse Crawford and the academy's creative director Thomas Widdershoven.

Touch Base explores the counter movement that many of our students are shaping in response to the empowering, but overwhelming presence of technology and digitalism. It reveals their hunger for a more tactile surrounding in an era where screens, apps, texts, games and email dictate how we live and communicate.

Behavioral psychologists argue that touch is more than just an optional sensation; it is a basic human need, and perhaps even the essence of life. Without touch we are left vulnerable - physically unsure and emotionally insecure. stripped of a strong link to our physicality, our existence becomes little more than a series of preferences."










30 April - 1 May 2016

Antwerp, Belgium






21 - 28 May 2016

Palais des Beaux Arts Lille, France






Design Academy Eindhoven

During Dutch Design Week

17 - 25 October 2015